Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

An animal’s nutritional plan is an extremely important and delicate part of their life. Appropriate dietary components are crucial for a healthily functioning body, starting from the coat and finishing with the major body systems and organs.

Le Veto Veterinary Hospital in Lebanon is extremely fortunate to have certified veterinary nutritionists on staff to help pet owners incorporate nutrition into their companion’s wellness and treatment plans. We have extensive experience in nutritional management of dogs and cats, from healthy animals to those with very complex health concerns. Our nutritionists will take a detailed recount of your pet's history, perform a full physical exam, and combine this with clinical records. They will work with you and your veterinarian to guide you towards an individualized dietary plan for your pet.

There are three crucial aspects to consider to maintain a healthy diet for your pet. First, a pet parent must understand how much and how often one must feed their companion to optimize their body condition. As dog and cat obesity is an increasing concern worldwide, we will advise you on how to prevent it from affecting your animal; we also provide obesity management which is essential to be able to make informed decisions about portion control. Second, you need to know what you are feeding your pet and what dietary components are essential for a healthy body. Pet food labels can be confusing or misleading; our experts will help you determine what kind of food is best for your pet based on their age, weight, and health condition. Finally, one must choose the right diet. Gluten free? Organic? Medical? All of these are aspects one needs to consider. We aim to serve your pets’ needs whether they suffer from diabetes, liver, renal or heart failure, or even if they need geriatric care, and many more.

At our friendly family vet clinic, we provide one-on-one counseling to ensure the best health. For our clients’ convenience, all products are easily found at out Veto Mall. We also offer prescription and medical pet food.