Complete Surgical Services

Complete Surgical Services

Le Veto veterinary hospital’s surgical service provides your pet with the best veterinarian surgical care possible. We are considered as a referral veterinary hospital in Lebanon. Our extensively trained team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases in pets. The hospital’s professional staff is committed to improving the quality of life of our patients by providing excellent surgical care, vigilant anesthetic monitoring, and comprehensive pain prevention and management.

When patients and their families come to us, Dr. Abdo Kallassy and his team show an understanding of the concerns involved in a visit to our clinic. We provide open and honest communication to make the surgical process an easier experience. Our team comprises of well-trained personnel consisting of anesthesiologists, intensive care nurses, and veterinary surgeons. Our patients’ families receive an accurate assessment of their pet’s medical condition beforehand. As we cannot predict what the future will hold, it is even more important that we provide honest evaluations regarding the success of operations, as well as the pet’s long-term prognosis to help the owner make a fully informed decision with the help of the surgeons. Therefore, we conduct procedures before any surgery to reduce any risks that accompany the specific surgery in question and general anesthesia overall. We tailor all our operative plans individually as each patient’s situation and health status is unique. For our patients and their families, we offer the highest quality surgical and peri-operative care possible.

The Le Veto veterinary hospital is well-equipped with surgical suites and an oxygen room to perform a variety of orthopedic, soft-tissue, oncologic, neurosurgical, and minimally invasive surgeries. We house the most up-to-date monitors, equipment, and advanced diagnostic machinery. Finally, we are always up to date with the latest in anesthesia protocols. Our vet clinic guarantees post-surgery units where your furry family member can rest and recuperate comfortably while being cared for round the clock.

Le Veto Veterinary Hospital provides a long range of surgical services including the following:

  • Ear Surgery treating oral hematoma and otitis media and externa
  • Integumentary Surgery where we focus on reconstructive surgery and tend to wounds and wound management
  • Digestive System Surgery treating gastric dilation and intestinal foreign bodies from the oral cavity to the rectum
  • Hepatic and Extra Hepatic Biliary System Surgery
  • Urinal System Surgery tending to renal and ureteral calculi, bladder and urethral calculi, and urethrostomies in male cats
  • Reproductive Tract Surgery centering on spaying and castration
  • Cardiovascular System Surgery providing care and treatment for cardiovascular diseases and patent ductus arteriosus
  • Upper Respiratory System Surgery caring for laryngeal paralysis and tracheal collapse
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Emergency surgery
  • Ophthalmic Surgery (ranging from cherry eye to cataract)
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery

At Le Veto, we verify that our patients are always comfortable from the moment they are admitted until they are discharged. Before being discharged, we will inform you in detail about your pet’s post-operative health situation and will fully explain the appropriate management plan needed which includes pain management, physiotherapy, the appropriate diet, and the follow-up care. To ensure a successful and healthy recovery, we will present continuous counseling, and as always, will be one call away in case of any complications.