Neurological disorders affect one in ten cats/dogs in Lebanon. Le Veto has been a leader in the field of veterinary neurosurgery in Lebanon since 1997. Our hospital prides itself as one of the most well-equipped in the area, when it comes to knowledge, medical facilities, and skills. We are dedicated to continuously investing in our work to stay up to date with the progress of the veterinary neurological field worldwide, and the continuously improving medical technology.

Le Veto’s compassionate and highly skilled team comprises some of the best veterinarians in Lebanon, who are specialized and certified in performing proficient and technical neurosurgeries. Moreover, our team is accompanied by Dr. Anthony Kallassy, imaging specialist in France, assisting us in the diagnosis of our patients.

Our neurosurgeon, Dr. Abdo Kallassy, is one of the best veterinary surgeons in Lebanon, and has been pioneering the field of veterinary neurosurgery in the area. He has had decades of experience triumphantly operating on animals and nursing them back to health, while continuously focusing on the latest findings in the neurological world.

The diversity of our equipment allows us to diagnose disorders, whether from genetic, congenital or traumatic origin (inhouse digital radiology for myelography, MRI and CT scans for intramedullary pathologies). We are equipped with a complete set for spinal surgery, vertebral column fracture repair, treatment of atlantoaxial and lumbosacral instabilities (DLSS), laminectomies, hemi-laminectomies, corpectomies and arthritis management. Our team examines, continuously monitors, and follows up with our patients to maximize their health and wellbeing.

Le Veto is dedicated to providing appropriate counseling, including geriatric care, rehabilitation, and owner education on at home management of their furry family members. Finally, as a big part of animal welfare, nutritional counseling and high-quality diet is available.