Le Veto has a full veterinary cardiology service and is known as a referral veterinary hospital in Lebanon. Our professionals will investigate, diagnose, and treat all forms of cardiac diseases in cats and dogs, whether structural or functional. Our team provides a strategic clinical plan for each patient while delivering excellence in patient and owner care. We offer a cutting-edge range of services including interpretation and assessment of your pet’s case and advice on their management.

Dr. Anthony Kallassy is our recognized veterinary cardiologist who has been certified in France and is contributing to the Le Veto team all the way from there. He is a specialist who constantly trains and supports our professionals, so our patients get the best care possible. Dr. Anthony is trained to treat and care for malfunctions of the heart and specializes in small animal cardiology and myocardial function and interventional treatment of congenital heart diseases.

Dr. Abdo Kallassy has spent decades in general veterinary practice in Lebanon. He specializes in cardiology and has become an innovator in that field in Lebanon. He delves in all aspects of clinical cardiology but has a special interest in advanced cardiovascular imaging and interventional treatment of congenital heart diseases.  

In our practice, we will get a full history from the owners, and perform a full physical and cardiovascular examination, after which all the appropriate diagnostic tests will be conducted. Investigations may include ECGs (electrocardiograms), blood pressure assessment, pericardiocentesis, radiography, and cardiac ultrasonography. We perform complete echocardiographic exams, including spectral and color flow Doppler, as well as surgical treatment of certain congenital cardiac defects and pericardial conditions. Here are some of the conditions that our vets manage:

-        Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)

-        Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)

-        Degenerative mitral valve disease (DMVD, also known as myxomatous mitral valve disease – MMVD, or endocardiosis)

-        Cardiomegaly, cardiac insufficiencies, and congestive heart failure (as well as pericardial effusions, pleural effusions, pulmonary oedemas, ascites, pulmonary congestions…)

-        Congenital defects (like patent ductus arteriosus known as PDA…)

Le Veto ensures your pet’s safety by using our high-tech equipment. Your pet’s health is our priority; we endeavor to relieve you and your furry loved one from any worries that may arise, through our precise diagnosis and clinical reasoning.