Ophthalmic Surgery

Le Veto veterinary hospital in Lebanon has been voted Number 1, best veterinary hospital in the Middle East, for being the first to treat cataract, a common eye disorder that eventually leads to vision loss. It remains the only vet hospital in Lebanon conducting cataract surgery for pets, and it therefore classifies us as the best pet ophthalmologists in Lebanon. Phacoemulsification is one of the most common reasons for us to be a referral veterinary hospital.

Since 2000, we have been providing excellent results in treating different ophthalmic problems in dogs and cats, like corneal ulcers, eye infections or trauma, ocular tumors, drainage blockages, retinal diseases, conformational problems (entropion, ectropion, third eyelid protrusions…), lens and conjunctival pathologies, dry eyes, and many more. Pets produce tear films too, but in some cases, they can develop a disease, called the dry eye that stops tear production and makes them feel extremely uncomfortable, as if they have a grit in their eyes all the time. Many pedigree dogs and cats have hereditary intraocular and periocular problems, so when adopting a puppy or kitten, it is important for us to evaluate their conformation to make sure that the best care is provided to their eyes since an early age.

Your pets’ eyes are their windows to the external world, and therefore, ophthalmic health and function are vital to your furry friends’ well-being. If you notice any changes in your pet’s eye or eyelid’s appearance, if there is a change in discharge production, or if they are behaving differently (changes in their vision, can they see as well as they used to? Are they trying to rub their eyes more?), it is important for you to visit our veterinary ophthalmologists who will perform a full ophthalmic examination, help you understand the condition and resolve the problem. In most cases, there is something that can be done before it becomes a major issue. In cases of emergencies, we provide 24/7 emergency vet care in Lebanon.

Cataracts are the leading cause of vision reduction and even blindness in dogs. It can have different causes (inherited, ageing, secondary to diabetes…); early referral is necessary for all cataract assessments. At Le Veto, our team of professionally trained vets and surgeons can treat any cataract in dogs and cats with a very technically demanding surgical procedure called phacoemulsification, which is the same surgical procedure that is used to treat human cataracts. In fact, we perform all types of ophthalmic surgeries to treat eye problems in dogs and cats (whether young or seniors). The eye is a very sensitive organ, which is directly connected to the brain, and is therefore very delicate. To protect this structure, our clinic houses all the advanced equipment for microscopic surgery, and we have dog and cat eye specialists that are highly qualified.

Our leading veterinary surgeon, Dr. Abdo Kallassy, has been trained in Germany to diagnose, treat, and operate with ease on the eye. Always being keen to improve his knowledge and stay up to date with the most recent advancements in his field, Dr. Kallassy participates in multiple conferences and wet labs around the world every year. He has a passion for corneal surgery and the post-graduate education of veterinary surgeons in ophthalmology. His primary goal is to advance his clinical knowledge and skills to provide exemplary ophthalmic care for his patients.

Our hospital is equipped with a range of modern and sophisticated diagnostic tools to help us diagnose and treat your furry friends. We own a veterinary laboratory, ultrasound and radiography machines, ophthalmoscopes, the Tonopen, the Schirmer’s tear test 1, and the fluorescein test. We also provide contact lenses; did you know that pets can wear those too? They are not to help vision but to protect a damaged eye and allow it to heal, avoiding the need for complex surgery. Moreover, we perform nasolacrimal duct flushes.

Our team loves nothing more than seeing the joy of both pet and owner when a small animal’s vision is repaired and restored.