Taste Of The Wild - Exclusive distributor in Lebanon

Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one.

Taste of the Wild produces premium, grain-free pet formulas that are based on your pet’s ancestral diet. All of our formulas rely on ingredients like quality meats and probiotics that maximize the nutritional health benefits for your pets.

It’s the balanced diet that nature intended.

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Nutra Gold Holistic - Exclusive distributor in Lebanon

Grains, such as corn and wheat, have been implicated as causes of canine food allergies. Although dogs are able to digest and utilize the nutrition from carbohydrates, their bodies break down proteins and fats more efficiently. This is why NutraGold Grain-Free formulas are made to be rich in protein, particularly animal-sourced protein. A diet free of grains and rich in protein will eliminate the possibility of food reactions to grain and optimize digestion for your dog.

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Diamond - Exclusive distributor in Lebanon

EVERY PET DESERVES THE VERY BEST, At Diamond, we believe every pet, from purebred show animal to shelter puppy or kitten, is worthy of the best nutrition. We also believe every pet owner deserves a great value. When you buy Diamond, you can be confident you are getting premium nutrition without the premium price.
All Diamond®, Diamond Naturals® and Diamond Naturals® Grain-Free formulas are made with the highest quality products and manufactured in America in state-of-the art facilities. With carefully determined levels of protein, fat and other essential nutrients, Diamond pet foods are formulated to enhance the performance, appearance and overall health of your pet, day after day.

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Nutra-Nuggets dog food - Exclusive distributor in Lebanon

Nutra-Nuggets is made with high-quality, highly digestible proteins, precise levels of vitamins and minerals and no wheat or soy, for ideal nutrition at all stages of life.

We understand every pet is unique. Every Nutra-Nuggets formula is specifically designed to meet the needs of different pets while offering superior taste, nutrition and value.

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